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Exhibition 2020

Thought Avenue

/ SMLT Art’ist Podcast: Kristina Asinus /

SMLT Art’ist Podcast

/ Pavasari tapytoja vadina savo religija ir pataria nesirinkti greitkelio /


/ Nuo buities prie buties /


/ Kristina Asinus. Geroji ir išvirkšcioji ekrano puses /

Žurnalas „Nemunas”

/ Kristina Asinus parodoje „Minties Avenue“ kviecia išjungti logini mastyma /

LRT "Linija.Spalva.Forma"

/ Kodel Kristinos paveikslai melyni? Menas ir neurolingvistika. /

Art Compensa Meno Ivykis

Annotation written by art crtitic Aurelija Seilienė:


The young generation artist Kristina Asinus presents her paintings created over the past few years in the exhibition "Thought Avenue." According to the artist, the artworks depict everyday scenes aimed at conveying transcendental meanings through simple elements. She believes that by briefly disconnecting logical thinking, the images can acquire more and newer meanings.

The human figure is portrayed in the concrete jungles of the city, with the presence of indoor plants and other household details as evidence of its existence. Nature persists, but it is closely linked to human economic activities (the paintings feature cows, hens clucking, and rural pathways). The use of pastel, muted tones has transformed into a Fauvist painting style, featuring vivid, pure, contrasting colors and a certain constructive flattening.


In this almost monochromatic painting, the artist's universality stands out, influenced by completed graphic studies. A black contour line is used, and where it is absent, the color boundaries of depicted objects are so strict that they optically deceive with imaginary outlining. The image of the painting is constructed through the use of color spots and the composition of planes. Their coarse geometric nature recalls the compositional principles of linen engraving. The graphic impression is also strengthened by the well-mastered academic drawing. In some cases, a pencil line is left, and the canvas is covered with a glaze, contrasting with the adjacent thick layer of paint. The visualization of the artworks is captured by the artist's self-conceived formula: observe + think + see. "When I notice an image, I sketch it. At that moment, intensive idea generation and contemplation take place, which turns into a painting on canvas. In the end, when I see everything, I arrange colors and strokes that complete the circle of this process. Upon closer inspection, this formula is very noticeable in most works," says K. Asinus.


The exhibition depicts everyday life, suggesting that its perception depends on the flexibility and sensitivity of the mind. This idea is illustrated by the creation story of the artwork "Tyrannosaurus Offspring." "Once, while observing wandering hens, the thought occurred that they paradoxically resemble tyrannosaurs. I reflected that even after millions of years, humans still instinctively feel the flow of history before their eyes in nature. It's like time travel. Looking at hens, it becomes clear that the body is just a cosmic costume of time, capable of accommodating both the most ruthless predators and the most fragile and innocent creatures simultaneously living here and now."


The artist, through her paintings, seems to wander from where she is (physically) to where she wants to be (emotionally). The journey goes from reality to desires, from domesticity to existence. The journey unfolds through thoughts, specific images, and objects. The artist calls this the speed of thought or "Thought Avenue." The concept of an avenue signifies a broad path, street, prospect, alley, and even a way. These symbolize flow, movement, and dynamism. "There can be many paths. The artist presents their vision, but it does not necessarily mean that the viewer will be led down the same avenue. It is very likely that the exhibited painted work will evoke even more thoughts and lead in even more interesting directions. I invite you to take a stroll, be, and see. Relax," says Kristina Asinus.

Video  from „Thought Avenue“, Pylimo gallery, Vilnius, 2020

Images  from „Thought Avenue“, Pylimo gallery, Vilnius, 2020

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