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Exhibition 2022

I Hear How Wind Cares for Earth

/ Iš meiles gamtai gimusi Kristinos Asinus paroda „Girdžiu, kaip vejui rupi žeme“ kviecia i kelione po džiungles /

LRT | TV „Labas rytas, Lietuva"

/ Tapytoja Kristina Asinus: apie tamsius dalykus renkuosi kalbeti sviesiai /

Dienraštis „Kauno Diena”

/ Kristinos Asinus tapybos parodoje – sugrižimas iš sintetines realybes /


Kristina Asinus about exhibition:

"This exhibition has been evolving and maturing for quite some time already by becoming everyday more and more socially relevant. It visually sums up my feelings I feel these days. This exhibition talks about how severely humans are lost in a synthetic reality, walking blindly and forgetting their own authenticity, independence and spiritual fulfillment. For many it may sound weird, but I strongly feel how various „parasitic“ programs (like viruses) are impacting our bodies and minds revealing themselves in most peculiar ways. Leaving footprints and scars behind which usually stay with us for eternity. Stories about crowns and kings and all their geographical drama and wars. About ant-like modern cultures with their unshakable law and order, and all bureaucracy systems. About incredible „Maculinea Rebeli“ butterflies and their survival pretending being others for their entire life. About synthetic and alien energy which seeks our fractal human nature.


I simply sigh and realize, that all this is not a made up best-selling sci-fi book, but happens every day. And how important it is to talk about it as much as possible in this way making it known to everyone so that changes could take place to the better direction. How important it is to inspire people to be interested in nature, it’s protection and propagation. Artist’s task is to find the best way possible to encode evolution-causing implications into painting, it’s composition and it’s color. To me personally, it is a synthesis of the forest, birds, human body and plants. This is how „I Hear How Wind Cares for Earth“."

Video  from „I Hear How Wind Cares for Earth“, Godo gallery, Vilnius, 2022

Images  from „I Hear How Wind Cares for Earth“, Compensa Concert Hall, Vilnius, 2022

Images  from „I Hear How Wind Cares for Earth“, Lithuanian National Prosecutor’s Office, Vilnius, 2022

Painter, VAA docent, Paulius Juška talks about Kristina’s exhibition:


„In Kristina’s paintings rarely found creative summands fit perfectly altogether: vibrant and active color and stylized shape, monumental splendor and expression, everyday-like human mundane and nature’s beauty. These connections between such seemingly competing forms of expression are not artificial or strained, but assembled into a harmonious whole, which is filled with a feeling of paradoxical sense of wonder. The author reveals herself as an excellent master of composition, by not only bravely connecting different fragments of reality, but also by not losing sight of the compositional rhythmically and abstract structure. All this turns the motifs of her paintings and the displayed reality into a symbolic language, formed according to semantic laws that can only be perceived intuitively.”

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