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Save the Amazon

Save the Amazon


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“My Dear Sweet Nothing” (oil on canvas, 90x90cm., not framed, 2021)

Why do I do this?

Every time I see a tree being cut my heart is broken into tiny pieces. Forests and jungles are sacred, they hold space for thousands of species of animals and floral biodiversity, plant medicine, many of which is still yet unexplored. Jungles are essential home for many creatures for millennial, and due to greed of modern day commerce they are being constantly destroyed each day as we speak.


There’s not much we can do to stop it immediately, but we can help to fight it and support conservationists out there working in the field - in the Amazon Jungle.


As for an artist, the best way for me to contribute is to donate my art.


I am selling a painting “My Dear Sweet Nothing” (oil on canvas, 90x90cm., 2021) for €950 of which all money (except shipping, if needed) goes to the Jungle Keepers foundation.  

What are Jungle Keepers?

Jungle keepers conserves threatened habitat in the vitally important Madre de Dios region of the Peruvian Amazon. The Las Piedras watershed is part of the Andes/Amazon hotspot - one of the most biodiverse and pristine areas on earth.


This forest is home to tens of millions of trees, numerous indigenous communities, and untold numbers of animal heartbeats. In recent decades, new roads, illegal logging, poaching, and gold mining have begun to seriously degrade the ancient forest that is the source of life in this region. Junglekeepers Rangers patrol and safeguard almost 30,000 acres of this incredible landscape.


Ranger Program Costs are largely centered around Ranger compensation (salary, food and board). Additional costs for the program include trail maintenance, communication and reporting systems, boat transport, fuel and other minor expenses.


The focus is to create an uninterrupted, protected conservation area stretching along the Las Piedras River. This threatened ecosystem is incredibly diverse, pristine, and home to some of the last isolated tribes on earth.

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How to buy a
painting & where
the money go?

To buy a donated painting simply send me an e-mail to

€950 of which all money (except shipping, if needed) goes to the Jungle Keepers foundation.  

What if I don’t

want a painting but still want to help?

There’s other ways you can help! You can become a recurring donor to help continuously:  

Jungle Keepers
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